Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsibility

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Community Involvement

Involvement with the community takes an equally important role for Group: respect, openness to different points of view, the reconciliation of interests and solidarity are the values ​​that guides its relationship with the environment. Aware that this can only legitimize their right to exist and thrive, the hotel maintains an attitude of cooperation and dialogue with the community where it operates.

The relationship with the community is reflected in a number of initiatives. Examples:

- In 2008, we supported the project "Study Room" from "Centro Social Nossa Senhora de Fátima", Private Institution of Social Solidarity, located in "Bairro Novo do Pinhal" in Estoril.

- In early 2007, it was proposed to the staff at Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort the participation in the "Padrinho de Portugal", which supports through continuous"sponsorship" extremely poor children in Mozambique. Employees were organized so that each department could "patronize" one of these children. As a result of this initiative, the Hotel "won" several godchildren in Mozambique, among them, Timóteo, godson of Quinta da Marinha Golf department.

- During 2008, the group supported the Association "Jerónimo Usera" (AJU), which aims at the promotion of the human person and the family, especially given the most disadvantaged and marginalized. Based in Cascais and consists mainly of volunteers, the AJU provides support to many families in the county and provides various services and activities targeted to the specific needs of various groups that accompanies - children, youth, adults and seniors. By Christmas 2008, instead of the usual gifts distributed to clients and friends and the usual Christmas cards, the Group Onyria joined several teams of employees who painted and outfitted the multipurpose camp used for games and activities for children that the association endorses. The AJU was also publicized in digital postcards Onyria in which the Group is part of the Quinta da Marinha Resort.

- In the area of ​​donations, the Group has paid special attention to schools and charities located in the vicinity of its hotels, and institutions such as nursing homes in the area of Cascais and Sintra, the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lagos.