The Onyria Group has projects in Hospitality, Golf, Catering and Health.
To work with us, we look for Dreamers, aligned with our Purpose: “Taking care of our business and the people who are with us, in order to create wealth in the long term”.

And this is the Attitude we value:

- Honesty, be incorruptible.
- Authenticity, be yourself!
- Familiarity, bring humanity in the treatment to colleagues and clients.
- Avalilability, be dynamic!
- Team Spirit, be a good colleague.
- Ambition, be and do better.
- Confidence, look at the world with optimism!


Some of the benefits and actions we have dedicated to our Staff:

- The worker’s Birthday Day OR his child (ren);
- Medical Consultations at Home and/or Online for the worker and aggregate;
- Psychological Support Consultations online for the worker;
- Periodic Doctor visit to Onyria units;
- Periodic Hairdresser visit to Onyria units;
- All Daily meals;
- Onboarding Welcome Kit;
- Discounts on Onyria Services (hotels and restaurants) for the staff and their family & friends!

At Grupo Onyria, we value those who run after Dreams, so if you identify yourself with all of this, contact us through HR General: OR look here for our open job offers!