Environmental Policy & Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy & Social Responsibility

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  • Use of rainwater for irrigation of the golf course (accumulation of water in lakes).

  • Partnership with WWF Check Out For Nature to support with the Green Heart of Cork Project.

  • Eco-Hotel Tuv Rheinland Certification

  • Earth Hour Event

  • Initiatives to enhance the environmental message, with promotional actions related to the celebration of international and national environmental days.

  • Onyria Running Challenge - 10 km fundraising race to support APCL and CRID.

  • Golf course irrigation system made by the control of new satellites, with timing of the correct irrigation time.

  • Replacement of hotel lighting for led lighting.

    Entrajuda Support: 34 institutions from 17 municipalities that help around 16,071 people in need were helped by the hotel. With the hotel reconstruction, were recovered 4500 hotel furniture, that were later donated for reuse on the social sector.

  • Removal of all the paper used on the reservation processes, with a new option in the PMS system that allows placing all the information attached to each reservation. This procedure is very important as it allows the different departments to check and schedule arrivals in advance, ensuring immediate access to all booking information.

    Renewed villas (74 to 79) with more efficient thermal cut-out frames that ensure greater energy efficiency.

  • Installation of chargers for electric cars.

  • New buggy fleet with a more efficient charging system.

    Autonomous electric robot to catch balls on the driving range, which helps to reduce the number of Buggy turns to catch the balls.

    Installation of photovoltaic solar on the roof of the Hotel.

    Change of the bottles of water to a filtered water system with reusable bottles in restaurants, bar, meeting rooms and complimentary water in rooms.

  • Prémio Sustanable Future Awards - Great Hotels of the World - Categoria Sustanable Events, Walking Meetings, Eco Hub Cascais, Onyria Second Life, Onyria Solar Power, 1 stay 1€ program for Café Joyeux - Portugal has made the Finalists list under the categories Sustainable Event, Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Sustainability of the 2022 Sustainable Future Awards by Great Hotels of the World.

    Onyria Quinta da Marinha Hotel renova o Selo de Responsabilidade Social - We Share, e Sustentabilidade Ambiental - We care - Atribuído pela Associação de Hotelaria de Portugal (AHP)

    Novas de máquina de Manutenção de Golfe, totalmente elétricas e manuseadas pelo Departamento de Golfe.

    Tratamento da água da Piscina Atlântico com sal

    Prémio Sustanable Future Awards - Great Hotels of the World Sustainable Future Awards 2023 in the category Economic Sustainability in Hospitality com o Projecto Girl Move Academy