The Onyria Group

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Life dreamed by Onyria

The word Onyria comes from the Greek and means Dream. In our group we aim for Dream scenarios where you can live idyllic moments, hence the signature “Life dreamed by Onyria”.
And this is our story:

The Onyria Group is based on a family structure, a project started about 30 years ago by José Carlos Pinto Coelho. The Group was created to make the integrated management of Hotels, Villas, Golf Courses, Restaurants, to maintain a dream that crosses several generations - offering the best of life and eternalizing moments.

Associated to the theme “quality of life”, the group also has a leading Health Care company,  called SMP, a HomeCare doctor at home service.

It all started in 1986 with the acquisition of a part of Quinta da Marinha, in Cascais. As it was the first major project of the group in the area of hotel management, the current “Onyria Quinta da Marinha Hotel” is an important milestone in the history of the Group, being considered the “cradle” and Headquarters of Onyria Group.

Today Onyria involves already the second generation of the family and has the ideal to contribute to a better quality of life, offering special moments in dreamlike places.

Our present continues to be worked and lived intensely. And our future depends on the realization of new dreams and challenges.