Genesis, Mission and Values

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This is our GENESIS, meaning the Value Proposition that is at the base of all of our projects:
  • Create unique experiences, that mark the memory of our customers. 
  • Having innovative and consistent services, creating good business with these experiences, both for shareholders and for our teams.
  • Presenting a high quality and flexible service, always with a familiar relationship with the customer.
  • Be in unique locations.
  • Act with authenticity, availability and friendliness
  • Be a preferred choice. The place where I want to be and who I can trust.



The Onyria Group has projects in Hospitality, Golf, Catering and Health.
To work with us, we look for Dreamers, aligned with our Purpose: “Taking care of our business and the people who are with us, in order to create wealth in the long term”.

And this is the Attitude we value:

1.    | HONESTY | 
Honesty, be incorruptible.  

Authenticity, be yourself! 

Familiarity, bring humanity in the treatment to colleagues and clients.

Avalilability, be dynamic!

5.    | TEAM SPIRIT | 
Team Spirit, be a good colleague.

6.    | AMBITION | 
Ambition, be and do better.

7.    | CONFIDENCE | 
Confidence, look at the world with optimism!